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We will never compromise our customer’s life, safety or property for monetary gain.  This is why we do not advertise coupon specials or amount of time discounts.  We give each of our customers honest and fair pricing for their specific job.

What Our Customers Say

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We were having problems with a smoke detector going off every time the oven in our house was used.  We cleaned the oven, made sure that the oven vent was on when the oven was in use, and still the smoke alarm went off when using the oven.  I contacted Bill Walsh and asked if he would inspect our smoke alarm.  He was out to our house the next day.  He cleaned the smoke detector, gave me instructions on how to clean it and said to call him if that did not alleviate the problem.  The very next day I used the oven and the alarm went off.  I called Bill again, he was out that night and replaced the smoke detector.  Bill is very conscientious, he keeps the area where he is working clean and is respectful of those asking for his service.  He does his best to help his clients as quickly as is possible.

Karen S. (Avenel, NJ) May 7, 2016

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